How should a collection of functions help you to develope a script easier and faster?

This is pretty easy to explain. What you can find on this wiki is a collection of function which each of used several times, they are a kind of standard tools. But normally you have to start from scrach, or search in an old script for this functions. Qur aim here is to give people in Rhinoscript the possibilitie to find this easy fast and well organized.

Example: You want to make a script which needs to sort curves by length. Normally you have to think about how to do it and script it. But in this case, you can only search here and copy it in your script. After this you only have to call it with the variables and finished.

You can find several functions on this page. To move trough the page use the tags. To get a overview click at the tag to Library

Please contribute with your own functions to make this page complete.

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