Surface division

''' Surface division
''' —-

Function surfacedivision (strsurface, secu, secv)

Dim i,j
ReDim colec (secu,secv)

Dim udomain: udomain= rhino.SurfaceDomain (strsurface,0)
Dim vdomain: vdomain= rhino.SurfaceDomain (strsurface,1)

For i= 0 To secu
For j= 0 To secv

Dim uparam: Uparam=Udomain(0)+i*((Udomain(1)-udomain(0))/secu)
Dim vparam: vparam=vdomain(0)+ j*((vdomain(1)-vdomain(0))/secv)
Dim arrpoint: arrpoint = Rhino.evaluateSurface (strsurface, array(uparam, vparam))

Dim point: point=rhino.addpoint (arrpoint)

End Function

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